About Us

'SCION' - A relatively small part of a plant, when grafted can be induced to grow.

Scion Clinical Research (Scion) consists of a core group of physicians who will anchor the clinical studies. Scion has access to a broad base of medical specialists who will provide the resources and expertise.

The research staff is a group of dedicated healthcare professionals, and is primarily involved in clinical research to improve knowledge, yet remain at the cutting edge of medical advancement. Scion will provide a platform for these healthcare professionals to use their skills and expertise, and remove the burden of administration. Scion's philosophy is to deliver quality data at competitive rates.

Scion Clinical Research is located at 34 Bouvardia Avenue, Lynnwood Ridge, South Africa. This provides the infrastructure for easy access, yet away from the congestion of the city centre.

Scion's current field of interest includes Anaesthesiology, Intensive Care, Cardiology, Cardiothoracic Surgery and Pulmonology, and other fields will be incorporated in the future.

After ten years clinical research experience, Scion's core group felt that a research unit was needed to improve all of the processes of clinical research. The aim of this unit is to improve the recruitment of patients, quality of data, expertise available, and administrative support. Future developments include setting up a patient database for potential study recruitment, and developing a Phase I unit.